Here is the current state of our boys room. Although I really love the chalkboard wall I’m ready to change it all up. Because that’s what I do… Read all about the chalkboard wall DIY on momtastic. - boys room - boys room - boys - boys room

Future plans are for bunk beds again to clear up some floor space. I think the theme will be explorers. My main design obstacle in the room is space. The room is just a tad too small for two. There’s only one good wall for the beds to be on. I’m slightly tempted to rip out the walk in closet and linen closet to gain more space, but that seems a bit over the top…

The other issue I’m facing is the carpet. I HATE carpet for so many reasons but the #1 reason is it’s so dirty. I don’t care how much you clean or vacuum. It just gets more filthy as time goes on. I’ve ripped up the carpet in a couple of our homes and only then will you know what is really going on with carpet… Ewww. I would love to put wood flooring to match the main level. But it’s pricey and I’m concerned about the noise level. I need to do something though and soon. Accidents have happened in the boys room and I’m reminded each time I walk up the stairs past their room, even though I just had the carpets professionally deep cleaned.

Do you have hardwood upstairs in the bedrooms with kids? Is the noise and echoing a pain? Do you miss carpeting? Would love your thoughts and insights.

So if you were following along. I was on the hunt for a modern farmhouse sectional. I had narrowed it down to three West Elm sectionals. Without further ado – the winner is…
ModernFarmhouseSectional-4-2 ModernFarmhouseSectional-2-3

We picked the Shelter Sectional by West Elm. The fabric is the Yarn Dyed Linen Weave, Shelter Blue although, the hubs would tell you it’s gray… It’s been about a month since we got it and I personally love it. It’s ample space for the entire gang to curl up on for family movie nights. I Scotch Guarded it from top to bottom to ensure messy hands and booger fingers clean up easy. Ew… I know!


Although we loved our previous west elm coffee table it was way too big for the space. We moved it down to the basement for now. I found this lovely REAL marble top table at Target on sale for $109. I could hardly believe it! The rug is Vintage Vibe from FLOR. They are actually carpet squares, which makes them so flexible to use and easy to clean when they inevitably get dirty… For some reason, picking a rug for this space was really difficult for me and I’ll get more into that whole story another time.


I’m wanting some new pillows our new lounging area. I’m thinking shibori and/or mud cloth… So what do you think? Did I make the right choice?


Tackling our mudroom… This will be my second attempt at this room. It used to be our laundry room which has long been moved to the basement. It is connected to the garage and has become the family dumping ground. I put in IKEA Pax wardrobes with doors in, thinking doors would be a great thing to hide the mess… It backfired.

LESSON 1 – The Drop Zone Must be Clear
Making it hard for things to be put away means they don’t make it to their appropriate homes. You might ask – how hard is it to open a door and drawer? Well apparently it’s proven too difficult for our family (shamefully for me too). 99.9% of the time there’s something in the way of opening the door. Dilemma presented – So do you move the obstruction  or put it away? Nope. You dump your stuff right in front of the door.

LESSON 2 – Out of Sight. Out of Mind.
Shoes, clothes, and so many other things get lost and forgotten with hidden storage. I’m tired of jackets and shoes being worn only once or twice.  Then they are outgrown or out of season. My kids are creatures of habit. They grab the first thing they see and ignore the rest. I have found brand new shoes with tags still on buried in their shoe baskets, while they wear shoes with holes in the soles to school!


  1. Make it dead simple to put your stuff away. Open storage with a place for the kids to quickly and easily put away backpacks, jackets, and shoes.
  2. Flooring that will stand up to muddy wet boots, sand, playground chips and whatever else the kids track in. Slate is a very traditional choice for the mudroom. I’m hoping to put a modern spin on it by installing nontraditional 6×24 inch tiles on a 45 degree diagonal.
  3. Make it light and bright. The mudroom area doesn’t have any windows and so it lacks natural light. I’m hoping floor to ceiling walls and cabinetry painted in BM Simply White will help lighten everything up.
  4. I generally am a neutrals girl all the way, but when I spied these lemon yellow lights from Schoolhouse Electric, I had to put them in the house somewhere! The pineapple is a symbol of warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. The Minted print feels modern and fun.



Alabax Surface Mount Light Fixture $139

Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

Minted Art Print – Pining For Pineapple $165

Vintage Schoolhouse Wall Hooks $9

IKEA – BULLIG Box, bamboo $7.99

Slate Floor Tile (10 sq. ft. / case) $44.50

Cork Underlayment Sheets (25-Pack) $249

Shiplap – not sure what I’m going to use yet.

I have plans for the powder room next to the mudroom since the slate flooring will be carried into that room as well. Please check back soon! If you enjoyed this post, let us know in the comments below. We’re totally open to any questions and/or feedback.


I believe the sofa is one of those Items you should definitely save up for to get the one you really want. The sofa is a staple piece for your home that will be there for many, many years to come.

When looking for our next sofa/sectional I had three things in mind:

1. TIMELESS STYLE – Will I still love it in 10 years?

2. COMFORT – Does it say “Come sit, cuddle up and stay for a while”?

3. DURABILITY – Will it stand up to 3 rambunctious kids that love to jump, flip, and wrestle everywhere?

I actually still love our current West Elm Blake sofa. It is upholstered in West Elm’s performance velvet in the stone color.  It has fared very well over that last 5 years. Spills and stains are easily wiped off and the down has retained it firmness. Why am I replacing it then, you ask? Well, I’m not crazy about the beige-ish color…  But the main reason is that it’s not large enough for our family of five to comfortably hang out on for any extended amount of time.  As the kids grow, this will only get worse.

Keeping with my signature style – modern farmhouse… I’m looking for classic or modern lines, sensible fabric, and neutral color. Here are the contenders:

West Elm Shelter 2-Piece Terminal Chaise Sectional

I love how casual this sectional looks. Its lines are very clean and modern. West Elm Denver has the couch version in the store. The fabric has a nice texture and can look gray or blue depending on the lighting.

West Elm Dekalb Leather 2-Piece Chaise Sectional

I was initially drawn to this section because of its gorgeous wood base frame. Leather would definitely fit my modern farmhouse style – even more so, as it becomes more worn in over the years… I was a little worried about comfort. Would it be slippery? Would we get sweaty and stick to the sofa?

West Elm Andes 3-Piece Sectional – Stone (Twill)

This sectional is new to West Elm and only comes in the fabric shown. The hubs thought this was the most comfortable in the store. I feel it’s too close to the Blake sofa we have and a bit  formal for my style.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of West Elm sofas. Well, West Elm in general… =)

Which sectional would you choose and why? Wondering which one I ended up ordering? You’ll have to wait and see! It’s arriving in the next couple weeks. Eeek!!