September 29, 2016

Defining Enough for Amy’s Office – My Top 3 Obstacles

So I got off to a running start with the office. But, now I’m at a painfully slow crawl. My problems are papers, magazines and books…

Paper Paper Everywhere!
So I did get started with The Paperless Home by the Lawsons. Plain and simple, I’m lazy. I don’t want to sort through piles and label each thing I scan. Soooo…. I just scanned in batches. I kind of sorted, but not really and less than halfway through I stopped naming crap. I’m applying grace to this area in my life. In other words, I’m taking the lazy route. This crap was not in order before and it’s not going to be in order on my computer. I’m scanning random stuff together in batches just to get it done and know that I have it. Thanks to Evernote’s converting documents to searchable PDFs, I will be able to search for something later if I need it. But I’m secretly hoping I’ll never need it. Eek! This is still way better than my current random pile system – where I have it somewhere… I just have no idea where! I may or may not name files as I scan them in going forward but I’m betting i won’t…

Magazine Hoarder
I hoard decor magazines and I don’t know if I can let them go yet to be honest. I have pared down a ton, but this is an area where I don’t think logically. Instead I tell myself I will go back through them for idea later- but my track record has not been good on this. My hope is that once I get rid of the “too much” in my life I will be able to made good on this idea of using my years and years of magazine inspiration.

Books are good, but only if you read them…
Why do we hang on to books like they aren’t readily available to most people? Everyone probably has access a local public library. As you can guess my books are mostly pretty decor and design books and unused notebooks out the wazoo. But I hoard books for our kids hoping they will be readers unlike me… This might actually be working? The hubs probably has the most books out of all of us but they have been banned to his office so I don’t really care, yet…

What stops me from cleaning up my books… Dang these things are heavy and not only that they don’t live in a centralized place. They in every room of the house. I guess that’s why they recommend going room by room. Who’s they? I don’t know… but you know what i mean right? =P My laziness is very good at coming up with every and any excuses for me to not do work. Can you hear it working? It’s too heavy… The kids need all these books to be smart… I’ll need that book for reference one day. I paid money for that so I need to hang on to it. I’m gonna read it one day. Oh I love this one… I can make Brian read it for me. Yes. I’ve actually asked him to read books for me and just tell me the good parts. I’m so bad… These are just a few of the crazy thoughts that run through my head when I go to do anything with the books.

Know you’re reading this and probably understand what I’m struggling with helps me get off my lazy rear do something. So here the plan… Everything needs a home and I’m just focusing on my books and magazines for my office. Since it’s probably more that I can handle already. They need a home. Otherwise they will live in places like on the floor next to my bed, in my nightstand where I forget they exist and do me no good. If I wasn’t so obsessed with the way my office looks… I could just put them on the shelves above the computer where they would clearly be very accessible. But no, I have issues people! The books don’t match and would look like clutter to me. If you don’t care about this! That’s great! Don’t be like me. Function should take priority over form.

So I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options:

  1. Floating shelves in the back corner next to the doors
  2. Short bookcase hidden under desk
  3. Short bookcase under window

First I need to go gather all my heavyass books… Ughh. I’m going! I’m going!


Papers, I hate you! You are such a pain to get rid of! You are constantly invading my house via 2 main so seemingly harmless sources – mailbox and school! I try to keep you contained, but somehow you infiltrate every room of our home… Sometimes I go to throw you out, but you contain personal info – so I need to shred you first. This is how you elude destruction for weeks, months, then years. I try to organize you in files, but there is never enough room because the influx is never ceasing… Well I’ve got news for you. Your day of reckoning has arrived in the form of a dump truck grinder thingy that comes to my front door… Bless you Data Destruction!


Magazines, my beautiful magazines… Parting with you is such sweet sorrow. I so wanted to go back through each and everyone of you again, but alas I am only one person with a very limited attention span… I thank you for your inspiration, but you need to move along now. House & Home, Country Living and special issues you made the cut this year… But I have a feeling you will be following your predecessors eventually.  


Books, getting rid of you was much easier that I had originally thought. You were literally weighing me down! I am glad that you have a home in the public library to go to that welcomes you with open arms. I no longer need to see you and feel guilty that I never read you… Peace out!

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