November 8, 2016

Design Lotus is partnering with The Last Well


His Gospel is Peace

Design Lotus is stepping out in faith this year…

We have decided to donate 100% of our proceeds of Design Lotus’ 2016 faith-based holiday collection to an organization called The Last Well. Typically, we  prefer to do stuff like this on the down-low. But, in order to maximize the gift, we need to share what we are doing and why.

It is a little ironic that Amy and I have been blogging about our experiences with enoughism (decluttering our lives to make room for stuff that really matters) and chanting –  “less is more!” But, we’ve recently come across an instance where more really is more.

Simply put: more clean water = more life.


Praise be to God

Recently, we had a chance to attend The Last Well’s Worship and Benefit Night at Mclean Bible Church. Amy and I met at McLean in 2001. It’s where we grew in faith and in community. It’s where Amy and I got to know each other through a missions trip to Ecuador in 2002. It’s where we met our husbands. It is where The Last Well got its beginning. So, there is a real history here.

The Last Well’s mission is “to provide access to clean water to the entire nation of Liberia and offer the Gospel to every person we serve by 2020.”

Did you catch that?! The ENTIRE nation of Liberia border to border! That’s not a big deal… That’s a HUGE deal! If you think it can’t be done, you would not be the first person. Everyone doubted it… But God has proven nothing is impossible for Him. Since 2008, The Last Well project has already helped reach over 750,000 Liberians with water and the Gospel through over 1,000 clean water projects in Liberia! And with the appropriate funding, they are on track to finish their mission of bringing the good news and clean water to ALL the people of Liberia by 2020!


Celebrate Christ

It would be amazing if preventable water-borne illnesses could be eradicated in Liberia. Families could flourish and kids could go to school! And, they would know of God’s great love for them.


His Light

Being inspired by such an incredible movement and out of gratitude for all that we’ve been given, we are stepping out in faith and giving ALL of the proceeds of this year’s Christ-centered designs back to God’s work in Liberia.


God With Us

Generally promotion is something we’ve always struggled with and shy away from. But for The Last Well, we will joyfully use the platform we have been entrusted with to help bring living water to the ends of the earth!


John 3:16

Please know that you do not need to buy our designs to support The Last Well. You can help by signing up as a donor, giving a one-time gift and/or getting word out about their mission! 

But, if you are looking for beautiful Christian holiday cards, look no further! Minted has the best assortment even beyond our designs. You can help The Last Well by shopping through this link  –  Design Lotus for The Last Well.


Great Wonders

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