September 22, 2016

Faith Retake: The Soccer Game

Amy had the great idea to write about our real life experiences where we wish we had a do-over. So, we are calling this Faith Retake.  As Design Retake, we reimagine what something could look like in our homes. We wanted to see if we could relate that to our life experiences.

We will share about an experience where we “could’ve, should’ve,” but we didn’t. We ask you the reader to share what you might do or have done in a similar situation. The purpose of this exercise would be to encourage people that we all make mistakes, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

soccer3So I pulled this experience from the archives of my Facebook page, circa 2014.

True Confessions of a Soccer Mom:

So last weekend my son’s team (Green Team) played against Yellow Team and it was a really close game. A Yellow Team mom yells: “That’s ok, we beat Green last year 3 to 0!”  Another soccer mom tells her quietly: ”’that is not good sportsmanship.” Yellow Team mom defiantly yells even louder “Like I said: We beat Green last year 3 to 0!!!!!” Then she turns to me and says “Your son is a bad person – he tripped someone on my team.”  

I don’t know if you’ve seen boys under 10 playing soccer – but it can be messy. (My son Andrew and a Yellow Team player both went for the ball at full speed – and the other player fell down). But I digress…

So she talks smack about my team and then my son?!? I say nothing to her, but instead imagine a nice pile drive to her angry face! (I said this was a “confession”). Andrew scores to tie the game. I say an inner-voiced “in yo face!” and went home justified in my anger. Is this as silly as it sounds? I now understand the negative connotation of “soccer mom.” My husband AJ says I shouldn’t attend any more games if I am going to get so worked up😳.

Fast forward to Tuesday night bible study when I hear from a woman in my group who was short with a nasty store clerk. As she leaves the store, she does a figurative and literal 180, apologizes to the store clerk for being short with her, says she is a Christian, says to the clerk she understands she may be having a bad day and asks if she could pray for her. Clerk accepts her on-the-spot prayers and begins to weep…  

So what does that have to do with soccer? I would like a do- over if I ever see Yellow Team mom and offer her a kindness of some sort because Jesus loves to turn situations on their heads.

What would you have done differently to turn this situation around?


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