September 6, 2016

How to Create an Office Space You’ll Love with the Stuff You Already Have

So this was the state of my office before I finally decided enough! Piles and piles of paper everywhere you look. I just can never stay on top of the paper clutter. So I’m going to go paperless with the help of The Paperless Home ebook by Donny and Abby Lawson.

Before I could do that though I wanted to start with a blank slate. So I pulled everything out of my office and wiped everything down. Goodbye dust bunnies!

It’s so nice to get rid of the clutter and have breathing room. But it was feeling a little too blank. There’s a delicate balance between minimal and sterile. The next step was to add my personality back into the space. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies getting to this point. Just to prove it. This is what happens when your office vomits into your family room…

Now comes the fun part! Only bring back into the room what you need and love.

I’m in the process to going minimal in my home and part of that process involves only having things you love and/or are useful in your home. This actually helped me get rid of a lot of junk that I’ve collected over many years. For the shelves – I started with my favorite art piece – So Much by ClareElsaesser. This gave me a jumping off point for the colors I wanted to use. The tones in the wood add warmth and the glass vases play off the blues from the print. This part is also tricky because it’s a lot of trial and error. I put stuff up, stepped back and asked myself if I loved it. If not, then it came back down. I scoured the house for things I love that didn’t have a home yet…


Up next is my office junk wardrobe which I’m planning on making into a hub for all office gizmos and gadgets…

  1. sarah

    February 5th, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    hi guys! i am working on a modern farmhouse makeover in our new home and came across your site! i actually live in south Denver. so i am looking for a chandelier similar to the blackish one in this post with the candles. can you please please please provide a source!? thanks!

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